Data Recovery

After several years of working in the sphere of data rescue we are able to recover data from any type of data media. Our priority is continuous technology and process improvement, which makes us the only ones on the market to approach hard drives in a similar mode as their producers. Thanks to that, among other reasons, our data rescue processes are highly effective. Our regular customers include large multinational companies, state institutions as well as private entities and individuals.

We rescue data from:

  • hard drives (IDE, SATA, SCSI, 2,5")
  • hard drives connected to RAID arrays
  • backup tapes, magnetooptic media
  • memory cards (floppy disks, ZIP, JAZ, CD, DVD)

We are able to rescue data lost due to:

  • software damage (erased data, formatting, virus attack, overwritten service data)
  • electric current, overvoltage damage
  • mechanical damaged (scratched data layer)
  • manufacture defect (disk bearing seizure, loosen head, faulty motor)
  • fire (HDD), floods

We cover all platforms:

  • Windows (FAT, NTFS)
  • Unix, Linux (EXT, EXT2, EXT 3)
  • Mac OS (HFS, HFS+)
  • Novell (NVFS-all variants, NSS)
  • OS/2 (HPFS)
  • Palm OS
  • most encrypted FS (if the data layer is not mechanically damaged)

Rescue process:

  • The analyses result and price estimation are delivered on the next working day after reception of the data media at the latest.
  • Rescued data are saved on data media as contracted (CD, DVD, another HDD).
  • The customer can collect the data personally or these can be sent via a messenger service, free of charge.

Data safety:

The entire data rescue process conforms to the Personal Data Protection Act. If not required otherwise, the rescued data will be archived for 48 hours after customer’s collection. Then they are irrecoverably destroyed, while no backup is created. On request, an agreement on keeping secret or any other specific agreement can be drawn up.

Locations of recovery labs

Own recovery lab in Prague. It works as a central recovery lab for all partners and branch offices in abroad. We do all data recovery there. Mainly due to the financial reasons (we need to invest a lot of money to data recovery equipment and lab) and quality reasons (we need to ensure our high quality standard for data recovery).

Equipment for HW damages

  • Clean boxes and special tools for disk plates and read heads manipulation
  • Own stock of 1000 hard disks (as a source of spare parts)
  • Soldering technology (Infra soldering system, soldering station, hot air solders)
  • 5 specialized work stations equipped with ACElab data recovery PC card PC 3000 for service data manipulation, see


  • Data protection contracts with companies
  • Incoming partner certification from ACElab (world leader for service area disk manipulation tools)

Work practices, handling practices, etc.


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